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Dr. Pence recently presented a vision program to the John P. Parker School. One of the things that we are most passionate about is role of Optometry in early childhood success. The Ohio Optometric Association sponsors a volunteer program called RealEyes that Optometrists present in local schools. 

Our Optometrists actively participate in RealEyes. The program is fun for the kids with themes like Ret and Tina (Retina) for the younger children and optical illusions for the other kids.

The goals and objectives of Realeyes focus on the delivery of educational content, hands-on activities, videos, and resources to students in the classroom and to ultimately to family members through materials taken home by students. Awareness of visual problems is very important. Many learning challenges and behavioral problems can be linked to visual issues. Every year there are parents who bring in a child and are shocked that they need vision correction. Children who have never had glasses don't know any other reality, so they have no idea that they could see better.
If you are an educator who teaches near Madeira Optical, let us know if you would like to have a RealEyes presentation from one of our Optometrists.