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We would like to thank the team at St. Vincent Ferrer in Kenwood for a great day with the elementary school kids learning about vision and optometry. The kids were engaged and excited, particularly when we let them each keep the Madeira Optical squishy balls we use in our demonstration.

We do a lot of these RealEyes presentations and each is fun and different. The kids ask great questions. The St. Vincent Ferrer children were fascinated that there is a actual real live muscle in their iris! We are so happy to be a part of the community and volunteer for these events. Many thanks to the Ohio Optometric Association for creating the content and for all of the Cincinnati area teachers who invite us into their classrooms to share some real world experience and excite kids about health, optics and hopefully STEAM careers. We need more doctors and scientists. 

Have a great spring. If your eyes are suffering from allergies, let your eye doctor know. They may be able to help.