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School Vision Screening - Not a visit to the OptometristOptometrists are an important part of our children's wellness and education team. Optometrists provide critical primary vision care that helps make sure children have the best chance to see well for life.

The Optometrists at the AOA's 2015 American Eye-Q® conducted a survey that revealed that increasing use of technology at home and school is taking a toll on the eye health and vision of our children. While technology may enhance learning and provide entertainment, the long-term effects of technology on children's eyes are not yet fully known. Additionally, 41 percent of parents report their children spend three or more hours a day using digital devices.

No substitute for annual, comprehensive eye exam
The 2015 American Eye-Q survey also found that 89% of respondents mistakenly believe that screenings given to children in school or in pediatrician's offices are effective in identifying vision problems that can adversely affect learning. Screenings are not a substitution for a comprehensive examination by a Optometrist.