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PictureHalloween Safety tips from your Optometrist
Happy Halloween everyone! The weather is beautiful, but the days are getting shorter. Time to start wearing outerwear. 

We wouldn't be good Optometrists is we didn't remind you to watch the area around your child's face when putting on that cool Ken Bone costume. Dark nights plus many crazy costume accessories and lots of candy can be challenge!

With winter coming, the sun is sometimes in our faces as we drive to work. In a few months glare from snow could slow you down. Don't forget to wear sunglasses in high glare driving conditions even though summer is ending. 

We have added Revo to Main Jim, Costa, Oliver Peoples and more to give us great options if you need sunglasses for driving ski trips or taking your kids sledding. Many of you may remember Revo. Revo was founded in 1985, and quickly became a global performance eyewear brand known as the leader in polarized lens technology. Revo sunglasses were developed by utilizing lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. Nearly thirty years later, Revo continues to build on its storied history of technology and innovation by offering the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized sunglass available. Each time you buy a pair of Revo sunglasses at Madeira Optical, $10 is donated to people fighting for thier sight. 

Revo Polarized Sunglasses
Dr. Pence recently presented a vision program to the John P. Parker School. One of the things that we are most passionate about is role of Optometry in early childhood success. The Ohio Optometric Association sponsors a volunteer program called RealEyes that Optometrists present in local schools. 

Our Optometrists actively participate in RealEyes. The program is fun for the kids with themes like Ret and Tina (Retina) for the younger children and optical illusions for the other kids.

The goals and objectives of Realeyes focus on the delivery of educational content, hands-on activities, videos, and resources to students in the classroom and to ultimately to family members through materials taken home by students. Awareness of visual problems is very important. Many learning challenges and behavioral problems can be linked to visual issues. Every year there are parents who bring in a child and are shocked that they need vision correction. Children who have never had glasses don't know any other reality, so they have no idea that they could see better.
If you are an educator who teaches near Madeira Optical, let us know if you would like to have a RealEyes presentation from one of our Optometrists.

Optometrist Malinda PenceOptometrist Malinda Pence presenting RealEyes
Dr. Pence chose to become an Optometrist because she saw her grandmother suffer with AMD. She also liked that being an Optometrist would allow her to build a practice in her local community. An Optometrist in her hometown of Sidney, Ohio, Dr. Biegel, had a thriving group optometry practice that was the inspiration for her to decide to go into private practice.

While in Optometry school, Dr. Pence worked for other Optometrists in Columbus. She learned how they ran their practices, what staffing they had and how to select glasses, adjust frames and submit insurance. She even worked at a chain, and learned how they work. Working for other Optometrists definitely helped her prepare for the future.

Dr. Pence has taken a few medical missions to Latin America while in school and after she became an Optometrist. While the conditions are sometimes tough and people struggle, being able to help someone see imprinted again how important vision is and how lucky we are to have the resources we need here in Cincinnati. 

Many people are surprised when she does her Optometrist in the classroom presentations. We think that vision problems are easy to spot, but often they are not. She visits classrooms to educate kids and hopefully bring awareness to parents. Up to 1 in 4 kids has an undetected vision problem today. Even Optometrists can struggle to catch the signs. Dr. Pence noticed a few very small things with her toddler and was able to get her into corrective lenses at an early age. She actively participates in Ohio Optometrist Association RealEyes program in the hope that more parents will take their kids to the Optometrist before they enter school. Kentucky requires an eye exam, and it is a simple, effective way to improve learning and behavior. Screening are nice, but not effective enough. Dr. Pence is excited that her Cincinnati Optometrist practice now has over 33% of new patients as kids. When she took over the practice a dozen years ago, that was in single digits.

There can be tough days, but Dr. Pence truly enjoys being a Cincinnati Optometrist. How many Optometrists get to practice walking distance from home in the community where they live and send their kids to school? She also loves the associate Optometrists now on the team that round out specialized geriatric and pediatric optometry. If your child is considering becoming an Optometrist, it is a great field with exciting new diagnostic techniques and the ability to practice Optometry in a community setting.

We are excited to announce the addition of the new Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear. We chose to add the Dilli Dalli collection because they specifically address the unique needs of pediatric eyewear patients from newborn to 3 years old, their parents, and Optometrists. Dilli Dalli's extensive research and collaboration with pediatric optometrists, combined with years of experience and knowledge in pediatric eyewear design show in their safety, durability and comfort.

Design Features

Children have facial features that aren’t yet fully developed. Dilli Dalli designer their frames with a focus on proper, exacting fit for little faces. 
  • Kids are creative. Unique multidirectional hinges provide flexibility and greater durability
  • Proprietary Soft Touch material delivers flexibility and strength **
  • The one piece design with no separate or moving parts is simple and durable **
  • Bridge and nose pads are placed lower so pupils are better centered
  • Dilli Dalli frames are made with deeper groove to stop lenses from popping out of the frame **
  • They didn't forget style. Dilli Dalli frames are cute, flattering shapes in soft to fun colors
  • Kids are tough on frames. Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear is designed to be impact, weather and temperature resistant **

Comfort Features

Our team of Optometrists and opticians know how challenging it can be for small children to wear eyeglasses, especially if they need to where them all day! So offering comfortable frames is one of our top priorities.

Madeira Optical - Cincinnati, OH
When Larry Spitz opened his Optometry practice in downtown Madeira, OH in 1956, Elvis Presley had just released his first hit, Heartbreak Hotel, and Norma Jean Mortenson legally changes her name to Marilyn Monroe.

Today, Madeira Optical is celebrating 60 uninterrupted years of serving Cincinnati families with primary eyecare. Incredibly, the practice has had only two Optometrist owners and two locations in 60 years.

Dr. Malinda Pence acquired the primary eyecare practice in 2003 and has grown it to a thriving group Optometric practice with three staff Optometrists and a team of nine opticians, techs and patient coordinators. After five decades in the same building, in 2012 Dr. Pence moved Madeira Optical around the corner to a larger location that could accommodate new state-of-the-art optometric equipment, an expanded optical shop and a dedicated contact lens center. 

In 2012 Madeira Optical added it's first staff Optometrist, Dr. Jennifer Kritzer. The practice recently added Cheryl Adams, a doctor that specializes in pediatric eyecare, and in 2015 a third of all new patients were children. Madeira Optical Optometrists now see over 1,500 eye exams and medical appointments per year.

Today, the top song is Hello by Adele and Dr. Pence's Ohio State Buckeyes are still reigning college football National Champions. Through all of the changes in the world, Cincinnati, Optometry, insurance and regulation; Madeira Optical has stayed true to Dr. Spitz's original mission of providing multi-generational local eye care to families from Madeira, Blue Ash, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Mariemont, Milford, Montgomery and beyond.

Child Eye Exam bookHoward and the Amazing Eye Exam
Hello everyone and happy new year. We thought this book might be good for parent of taking a child to their first pediatric eye exam

Get your child ready for their first exam with this charming story about Howard the Hedgehog. Howard is Star Student this week and is excited to tell his classmates all about his first trip to the eye doctor. From a fun puppet show to cool 3-D glasses, Howard shows the class that visiting the Optometrist isn’t scary at all. It’s a lot of fun!

Click this link for the Children's book by Dr. Cayti McDaniel, Ohio State Optometry School alumna and associate professor of clinical optometry, co-authored this fun and educational book, "Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam." 

Madeira Optical team
2015 was another great year at Madeira Optical. We welcomed Lauren, Lucy and Yvette, and they have been great additions. We were blessed to see many familiar faces this year and lots of new patients, including a LOT of children as our pediatric optometry practice grows.

2015 saw many changes in technology as we became one of the first optometry practices to be Stage II HIPAA compliant for "Meaningful Use" of electronic medical records and added a patient portal with email, text and phone recalls and online patient appointment request. We also added optometry equipment to our pre-test room to continue to expand our diagnostic capabilities.

We keep looking for great eyewear. In 2015 we added WOOW and Jack Spade eyewear. WOOW is a French designed collection that is handmade in Italy. Jack Spade is a fashionable eyewear collection for the guys. Your favorite eyewear continues to be Oliver Peoples, Kate Spade and Silhouette Rimless. Top sunglasses were Maui Jim and last year's newcomer Costa. Top pediatric frames were db4k, Nike and Vera Bradley. Finally, If you are looking for a good deal, check out our sample sale on December 3-5. We will have select frames up to 75% Off.

From pediatric patients to seniors to everyone in between, it has been a pleasure and privilege to serve area families with eyecare and eyewear from Madeira to Indian Hill to Kenwood, Montgomery, Mariemont, Milford, Terrace Park and beyond. Here's wishing all a wonderful and happy holiday season and Happy 2016, our 60th year practicing optometry in Madeira!

Oh, and by the way, Ohio State won a National Championship in 2015!

Pediatric Optometrist Cheryl AdamsDr. Cheryl Adams
Dr. Cheryl Adams to bring pediatric and family optometry experience to Madeira Optical

Madeira Optical announces the addition of Cincinnati native Cheryl Adams to our group optometry practice. Dr. Adams will be Joining owner Dr. Malinda Pence and associate Dr. Jennifer Kritzer. Dr. Adams started her career as a pediatric and binocular vision resident at the Illinois Eye Institute, where she provided comprehensive eye exams to infants and children, evaluated, managed and treat children with strabismus, amblyopia and binocular vision disorders and conducted weekly patient rounds at the University of Chicago Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine Pediatric Department.  Dr. Adams went on to be a Clinical Instructor in pediatric and binocular vision at Illinois Eye Institute. Dr. Adams is a registered InfantSEE provider.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Adams join our staff” said Madeira Optical owner Malinda Pence. “She brings excellent pediatric optometry experience that is a great fit our large pediatric patient base. Dr. Adams clearly shares our preference for a local multi-generation family practice setting.”

Dr. Adams has also practiced at several group practice settings in the Chicago and Cincinnati areas, including the Northwest Optometric Association. She is a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry and holds an undergraduate degree from Ohio University.

For more information about Dr. Cheryl Adams or Madeira Optical, please visit our Optometrists page

Cincinnati Optometrist Jennifer Kritzer
Madeira Optical has announced that Dr. Jennifer Kritzer has joined the family optometry practice. Dr. Kritzer will be working at Madeira Optical on Wednesday and Saturday. Doctor Kritzer will be performing primary eye care and contact lens evaluations. Dr. Kritzer, a graduate of the Indiana University College of Optometry, is happy to bring 14 years of experience practicing in Kenwood, Ohio, just a short trip from Madeira Optical. She is excited to be able to offer continuity of care for her multi-generational patient base while also moving to a state-of-the-art practice with a large selection of designer eyewear.

Dr. Kritzer’s focus of study includes geriatric and pediatric eyecare, allowing her to participate in the InfantSEE and REALEyes programs for Madeira Optical. The InfantSEE program offers free eye exams to infants under 12 months old and REALEyes is an Ohio Optometric Association classroom education program. “We are delighted to add Dr. Kritzer. She is from the area, experienced and professional, and that is a great fit for our patients,” said Dr. Malinda Pence, President of Madeira Optical. “Patients will be pleased with Dr. Kritzer’s exceptional level of care and friendly disposition.”

For more information about Madeira Optical, visit our Optometrist page.

InfantSEE Pediatric Vision ProgramInfantSEE Pediatric Vision Program
Dr. Malinda Pence, OD is one of a growing number of optometrists nationwide who are participating in InfantSEE TM, a no-cost public health program developed to provide professional eye care for infants. Under this program, supported by former President Jimmy Carter, who serves as honorary national chair and spokesman, Dr. Pence will provide a one-time, comprehensive eye assessment to infants in their first year of life, offering early detection of potential vision problems at no cost regardless of income.

“I’m very pleased to be involved in InfantSEETM to help ensure healthy vision for our Cincinnati area infants,” said Dr. Pence. “I have a young son and daughter myself and I know long-term ocular health may not be on a new parent’s mind, yet an infant wellness eye exam is a valuable component of a child’s first year primary care schedule.” Dr. Pence goes on to say, “The reaction to this program has been so positive, yet most parents don’t know that this program exists. My goal for 2008 is to raise awareness for InfantSEE TM because providing these assessments is such a rewarding way to volunteer my time.”

InfantSEE TM was launched in June 2005 by the American Optometric Association (AOA), in partnership with The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Experts from AOA and American Public Health Association (APHA) agree that visual development is most dramatic between 6 and 12 months of age and that early detection can prevent and help reduce the threat of serious vision impairments. In fact, one in every 10 children is at risk from undiagnosed vision problems by the time they are 18 years of age.

However, a survey fielded by BabyCenter.com, on behalf of the AOA, reveals that nearly half of new and expectant mothers mistakenly believe that because a baby’s eyes are changing and their vision is developing in their first year of life, it is best to wait until the child is older to take them to an eyecare professional. This discrepancy suggests a gap in understanding about the importance of early intervention. If left untreated, eye and vision problems can impact learning and may lead to permanent vision impairment.

“As parents, we regularly take our children to the dentist to help prevent cavities. Likewise, we should take our babies to the optometrist to help prevent potential eye and vision problems,” said former President Carter. “Given my family’s experience managing vision problems that were not caught early, I strongly encourage all parents with babies to visit an optometrist for an InfantSEE TM assessment during the first year of their child’s life and I applaud AOA for providing parents this opportunity.”