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Cincinnati Optometrist Jennifer Kritzer
Madeira Optical has announced that Dr. Jennifer Kritzer has joined the family optometry practice. Dr. Kritzer will be working at Madeira Optical on Wednesday and Saturday. Doctor Kritzer will be performing primary eye care and contact lens evaluations. Dr. Kritzer, a graduate of the Indiana University College of Optometry, is happy to bring 14 years of experience practicing in Kenwood, Ohio, just a short trip from Madeira Optical. She is excited to be able to offer continuity of care for her multi-generational patient base while also moving to a state-of-the-art practice with a large selection of designer eyewear.

Dr. Kritzer’s focus of study includes geriatric and pediatric eyecare, allowing her to participate in the InfantSEE and REALEyes programs for Madeira Optical. The InfantSEE program offers free eye exams to infants under 12 months old and REALEyes is an Ohio Optometric Association classroom education program. “We are delighted to add Dr. Kritzer. She is from the area, experienced and professional, and that is a great fit for our patients,” said Dr. Malinda Pence, President of Madeira Optical. “Patients will be pleased with Dr. Kritzer’s exceptional level of care and friendly disposition.”

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07/24/2016 2:37am

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11/19/2016 8:28am

She is a very qualified specialist and I think your team will be very happy to work with her! Great woman!

01/31/2017 2:54am

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02/23/2017 6:05am

Welcome on the board! I wish you like on this field!

04/08/2017 2:26am

That's a great news! You've got a very strong optometrist team. People will surely get your service as they know your team are the best. Congratulations for this team-up! May you continue help and cure people. Thank you for sharing and updating us.


05/09/2017 3:42am



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