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Pediatric Optometrist Cheryl AdamsDr. Cheryl Adams
Dr. Cheryl Adams to bring pediatric and family optometry experience to Madeira Optical

Madeira Optical announces the addition of Cincinnati native Cheryl Adams to our group optometry practice. Dr. Adams will be Joining owner Dr. Malinda Pence and associate Dr. Jennifer Kritzer. Dr. Adams started her career as a pediatric and binocular vision resident at the Illinois Eye Institute, where she provided comprehensive eye exams to infants and children, evaluated, managed and treat children with strabismus, amblyopia and binocular vision disorders and conducted weekly patient rounds at the University of Chicago Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine Pediatric Department.  Dr. Adams went on to be a Clinical Instructor in pediatric and binocular vision at Illinois Eye Institute. Dr. Adams is a registered InfantSEE provider.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Adams join our staff” said Madeira Optical owner Malinda Pence. “She brings excellent pediatric optometry experience that is a great fit our large pediatric patient base. Dr. Adams clearly shares our preference for a local multi-generation family practice setting.”

Dr. Adams has also practiced at several group practice settings in the Chicago and Cincinnati areas, including the Northwest Optometric Association. She is a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry and holds an undergraduate degree from Ohio University.

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01/16/2017 6:24am

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04/28/2017 9:16am

Dr. Cheryl Adams is a great additional to Madeira Optical! Her expertise in the field will really help the group obtain its goal. At the same time, many patients will be helped by Dr. Adams! Looking at her, I think she will be doing her job very well. The field of Optometry isn't a joke that's why an expert like Dr. Adams is needed in this medical industry!


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