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We are excited to announce the addition of the new Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear. We chose to add the Dilli Dalli collection because they specifically address the unique needs of pediatric eyewear patients from newborn to 3 years old, their parents, and Optometrists. Dilli Dalli's extensive research and collaboration with pediatric optometrists, combined with years of experience and knowledge in pediatric eyewear design show in their safety, durability and comfort.

Design Features

Children have facial features that aren’t yet fully developed. Dilli Dalli designer their frames with a focus on proper, exacting fit for little faces. 
  • Kids are creative. Unique multidirectional hinges provide flexibility and greater durability
  • Proprietary Soft Touch material delivers flexibility and strength **
  • The one piece design with no separate or moving parts is simple and durable **
  • Bridge and nose pads are placed lower so pupils are better centered
  • Dilli Dalli frames are made with deeper groove to stop lenses from popping out of the frame **
  • They didn't forget style. Dilli Dalli frames are cute, flattering shapes in soft to fun colors
  • Kids are tough on frames. Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear is designed to be impact, weather and temperature resistant **

Comfort Features

Our team of Optometrists and opticians know how challenging it can be for small children to wear eyeglasses, especially if they need to where them all day! So offering comfortable frames is one of our top priorities.

  • The temples are designed to specifically fit the natural curve of smaller heads
  • The Dilli Dalli proprietary Soft Touch material offers a pleasant, softer feel **
  • Built up, flared nose pads provide better fit and comfort for young children **
  • Nose pads have curved edges to provide more comfort for smaller noses

Safety Features

When it comes to your kids, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep them safe. Our Optometrists and opticians feel the same way. Dilli Dalli frames are designed with safety in mind. 

  • Constructed with FDA-approved materials
  • Meets CPSIA standards for lead and phthalates and all CPSIA and Prop 65 standards for children’s products **
  • No sharp edges or hinges that could pinch or scratch young faces **
  • Designed with an adjustable breakaway safety strap 
  • Hypoallergenic, medical grade nose pads with anti-corrosive inserts 

** exclusive to Dilli Dalli Soft Touch frames.



06/21/2016 3:48am

Eyes problems are increasing because of increasing the using of mobile and laptop. So we should try to control the use of these technologies to save ourselves from eyes problems like other people.

07/27/2016 3:01pm

Depending on your eye sensitivity and whether you choose soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, it may take only a day or it could take two weeks or more for your eyes to adjust to the lenses. Some people's eyes never adjust, but that's rare.This blog is so hilarious and mind refreshing. I especially know about lenses as I work in visusoogkliniek.nl for a long time.

11/02/2016 1:54pm

Various students are having eye site problem and that is quite difficult for them to wear glasses all time. For them eyewear must be comfortable and light weight. Those designs features and comfortable rate for children eyewear is quite wonderful and knowledgeable.

12/06/2016 5:11am

Can newborn chilldren wear it? I can't believe that) I think it can be not very good for them)

12/08/2016 6:02am

I have an early problem on my eyesight when i was a kid. My parents were so sad after my consultation. So at early age, i'm already wearing an eyeglass. Despite of my condition, i can tell that i'm still fortunate because i'm normal. It's just my eyes that have a problem.


02/21/2017 11:55pm

Dilli Dalli is really fantastic research and launc for children . It is durable and easy to handle for the kids. http://www.visusoogkliniek.nl is very good team for eye care and glasses. Feel free to cantact them for any kind of information.

05/09/2017 5:36am



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