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Optometrist Malinda PenceOptometrist Malinda Pence presenting RealEyes
Dr. Pence chose to become an Optometrist because she saw her grandmother suffer with AMD. She also liked that being an Optometrist would allow her to build a practice in her local community. An Optometrist in her hometown of Sidney, Ohio, Dr. Biegel, had a thriving group optometry practice that was the inspiration for her to decide to go into private practice.

While in Optometry school, Dr. Pence worked for other Optometrists in Columbus. She learned how they ran their practices, what staffing they had and how to select glasses, adjust frames and submit insurance. She even worked at a chain, and learned how they work. Working for other Optometrists definitely helped her prepare for the future.

Dr. Pence has taken a few medical missions to Latin America while in school and after she became an Optometrist. While the conditions are sometimes tough and people struggle, being able to help someone see imprinted again how important vision is and how lucky we are to have the resources we need here in Cincinnati. 

Many people are surprised when she does her Optometrist in the classroom presentations. We think that vision problems are easy to spot, but often they are not. She visits classrooms to educate kids and hopefully bring awareness to parents. Up to 1 in 4 kids has an undetected vision problem today. Even Optometrists can struggle to catch the signs. Dr. Pence noticed a few very small things with her toddler and was able to get her into corrective lenses at an early age. She actively participates in Ohio Optometrist Association RealEyes program in the hope that more parents will take their kids to the Optometrist before they enter school. Kentucky requires an eye exam, and it is a simple, effective way to improve learning and behavior. Screening are nice, but not effective enough. Dr. Pence is excited that her Cincinnati Optometrist practice now has over 33% of new patients as kids. When she took over the practice a dozen years ago, that was in single digits.

There can be tough days, but Dr. Pence truly enjoys being a Cincinnati Optometrist. How many Optometrists get to practice walking distance from home in the community where they live and send their kids to school? She also loves the associate Optometrists now on the team that round out specialized geriatric and pediatric optometry. If your child is considering becoming an Optometrist, it is a great field with exciting new diagnostic techniques and the ability to practice Optometry in a community setting.



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Our vision is very important in our daily activities like watching, reading, cooking, driving, or even surfing the internet. Most of the activities requires eyesight to avoid accident. Eye care is needed by everyone, especially by young people. It is good to know that there is eye care education program in Cincinnati and there is a dedicated optometrist who advocates for a clear and bright eye sight. It will surely makes the city a better place. I hope that kids enjoy the presentations and invite more of their friends.

09/06/2016 5:18am

Most people don't really know the value of taking care of their eyes until they meet someone who lost his vision for being careless. There are things we can do to avoid loss of eyesight. Some conditions really have nothing to do with age. It has more connection to diet and lifestyle. Congratulations Dr. Pence for your chosen profession. You can be of great help to a lot of people.

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