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Hi everybody. Optometrists keep up on the latest in optometric equipment and medical advances, but we decided to get outside the world of Optometry and upgrade our "virtual tour." Our original tour was shot on an iPhone before we opened. This tour was done by a professional! It shows our reception area, peers into our contact lens center and pre-test area and gives a great view of the optical and sunglass center. It is on our Optical Shop page.

Well, we got to get back to being Optometrists, but we hope you enjoy the virtual tour. The only thing better is to stop in and visit our friendly staff and Optometrists in person. As any good Optometrist would tell you, seeing is believing and seeing well is best. 


05/25/2016 4:19am

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02/13/2017 6:21am

Your optical clinic is so cozy. I love the interiors. The lighting is just right, not too bright or too dull. The wall paints are refreshing too. Your furniture is perfectly selected. Who’s your interior designer? I’d like to get their contact for my home office.

05/27/2016 9:25am

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09/08/2016 4:09am

Thanks! That's so cool that you have such tour! Great! How have you done it?

10/01/2016 5:59pm

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11/09/2016 4:43pm

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02/18/2017 1:31pm

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05/09/2017 12:48am

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